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As of December 4th, 2016 we are sold out of the first printing of The Madison Hardware Story. We have started a waiting list to gather the level of interest in a second printing. If we reach a minimum quantity by 4/25/17 we will proceed. If you are interested, please see the wait list link at the bottom of the page and add your name to the list. There is no charge to reserve a copy.

For Lionel Train enthusiasts the name "Madison Hardware" invokes thoughts of toy train treasures stacked to the ceiling of a small Manhattan store front. For over ninety years Madison Hardware supplied New York, and later Detroit, with the Lionel Trains that millions of children longed for. The Madison Hardware Story is more than just toy trains. It is the story of a store and how it’s owners impacted an entire collectible’s market.


Over 200 unpublished photographs of Madison Hardware. Explore inside Madison’s warehouses, a place where the public was forbidden to visit. Informative and entertaining anecdotes from the people closest to Madison Hardware. Including trusted friends and employees, former owner Richard Kughn, and longtime customers. Comprehensive information on Lionel parts and special products produced by Madison Hardware.


Return to a time when Lionel® Trains ruled your imagination. 


If you grew up in the 1940's and 1950's, then you remember the magic of walking into the toy department and seeing the mesmerizing Lionel® operating displays. Behind these displays larger than life posters featured the trains that kids dreamed of owning. These posters were only a fond memory, until now…  

We are proud to introduce you to the third Lionel® dealer poster into our series!

In 1947 Lionel introduced one of their most iconic locomotives into their product line. The 2332 Pennsylvania GG-1 was a staple of the east coast railroad scene.  Lionel capitalized on the familiar locomotive by bringing a miniature GG-1 onto the layouts of millions of excited boys in the years that followed.  

In the Fall of 1949, Lionel took the next step in ensuring the legacy of the 2332 GG-1. They introduced a beautiful department store merchandising display. At the center of this display, a poster featuring the magnificent 2332 GG-1 with a father and son looking on as the mighty locomotive almost burst off the poster.  

For 2016 The Madison Poster Company is proud to bring this awesome poster back to life. Restored from original Lionel artwork, our 1949 GG-1 dealer poster captures the true spirt of Postwar Lionel trains. 




"I'm pleased to announce that number 2/20 of the 1949 poster arrived last week in perfect condition. It is epic in every regard and I consider it to be Madison Poster Company's best effort to date. Any that are considering this giant poster or either of the two smaller formats will not be disappointed. The illustration and color is fantastic, the photos doesn't do them Justus. They are truly  train room masterworks. Thank you for producing these incredible posters, I very much look forward to future editions." Jon

“Gorgeous, and worth the fairly large chunk of change.  Look forward to more interesting and nostalgic art work from Madison.” Neil B. 

“Thank you Derek and Christy for your efforts and the resulting high quality print, The poster was delivered today. I wish you both continued and future success.” John S. 

“Fantastic, looks great, I can't wait to hang it up. I am so pleased with the new poster.  I can't wait to see next offering.” Mike W.


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